Happy New to the Year!

Hello to all, and a happy new year! Was 2015 ever a thing? We’re living in the year 2016 now anyway, and we’re loving it, aren’t we? We’ve got drone-copters and hoverboard-thingys and Google for everything else.

I have no resolutions to share, though I have taken up a bit of computer programming of late. Specifically focused on the python programming language. Early days for me, however, and nothing to show for my efforts as of yet. If you’re interested in some free lessons, by the way, I’m liking codecademy.com (unprovoked plug).

Louisiana had a somewhat warm, rainy ramp-up to Christmastime and then a slightly-chilled overcast new year. Same as it ever was. I’m just now getting a touch of the sniffles, but mostly we survived the new year transition just fine. That’s about all–just wanted the record to show that I am still here. Salut!

""" note_to_self.py """
def rejoinder(mood):
    if mood == "reflective":
        return "make time to look back through old bookmarks and reminiscence about 2015, the year that was."
     elif mood == "forward_looking":
         return "Next time write something like \"look out 2016, here I come!\""
     elif mood == "brazen":
         return "delete browser bookmarks, cache, cookies, passwords, etc. (why not, right?!)"
print("note to self: " + rejoinder("reflective"))

note to self: double-check above code later.


2 thoughts on “Happy New to the Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you! It’s another day, just another day – but also a new year… A reminder that every day can be…IS… A chance for a new beginning. Trite, I guess, but I for one like the idea!

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