Plans Change

Halfway through November I realized I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my write-a-book-in-a-month project. Too many things on my plate (which was, incidentally, the same “problem” I faced at Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house only literally). So, like Thanksgiving dinner, I ate what was on my plate and then I changed my plans—I can do that, you see—I wrote what little I could, then moved my deadline forward a month. Now it is a write-a-book-in-two-months project—not a problem.

Forgive yourself for falling short of your goals and give yourself permission to change plans. This is not a complicated concept. (of course, taken to the extreme, you’ll get nothing done; so don’t forget to follow through!)

On the flip side, here’s a goal completed: My forty day coffee fast is complete, and I am free to drink coffee at will once again. This morning I made a cup for my wife as I often do but did not feel the need [or want] to make one for myself, so I did not. I’ll probably have one later this afternoon, after my nap.

Here’s the thing: I’ve got nothing revelatory to share on the experience. I just did normal stuff without drinking coffee. I had a slight headache from lack of caffeine on day two, but otherwise I was unaffected by the whole thing. The biggest thing I’ve got to show for my effort (effort?) is that I accomplished this goal.

But perhaps there is something else gained. Perhaps my body is slightly less stressed out by the affects of caffeine. Perhaps I am slightly better for it—hard to say—I feel the same as before. Will I return to drinking coffee? Yes I will, but not on a regular basis. If for no other reason, I enjoy the taste more when I haven’t had a cup in a while.

note to self: Forgive yourself for falling short of your goals and give yourself permission to change plans.


2 thoughts on “Plans Change

    1. Thanks. I like the notes-to-self too. I realized after the first couple of them that I really wanted to insert them in every post, if possible—sometimes just for a joke, sometimes, as in this instance, just to emphasize a point. So I will continue the trend. 🙂

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